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Alveolar Bone Graft

Workflow sections

  • Orthodontic treatment objectives
  • Digital records
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Bone graft design
  • Bone graft manufacturing
  • Graft delivery
  • Post surgical follow-up
  • Remote follow-up

Orthodontic treatment objectives


The main objectives of orthodontic treatment of patients with cleft during mixed dentition are:

  1. To align the dental arches and establishing a functiuonal oclusion, favoringa more normal growth tendency.
  2. To prepare the area of the alveolar cleft to recieve the bone graft that must be carried out before the eruption of the permanent canine.

Digital records

Intra/extraoral photographs


Digital tomography



Diagnosis and treatment plan

3D assisted treatment planning






Bone graft design

Digital alveolar graft design (c.a.d.)

Courtesy Prof. Marzena Dominiak

Bone graft manufacturing

Digital alveolar graft manufacturing (c.a.m.)

Courtesy Prof. Marzena Dominiak

Graft delivery

Graft fastened with mini-screws

Courtesy Prof. Marzena Dominiak


Post surgical follow-up

Consolidated alveolar graft

Courtesy Prof. Marzena Dominiak


Remote follow-up

Cellphone-based, at-home self reported photographs

Remote cellphone-based consultation

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